Reaping the Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

By: outdoorexpressionsblog

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The next time you’re driving around your city, notice the landscapes surrounding local businesses. It will be obvious to you which landscapes are installed, designed and/or maintained by professional commercial landscaping firms and which ones seem to be an afterthought. Professional landscapers take great pride in creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for residences and businesses alike. Here are three of the many benefits professional landscaping can add to your business.

Curb appeal
A well-appointed landscape can improve your business, evoking a sense of pride and creating a welcoming environment from the moment your customers pull into the lot.

Go green
Professional landscapers take the environment into consideration when designing a landscape, from using native plants that require less water to planting for energy efficiency, soil conservation and the preservation of wildlife habitats.

Employee productivity
A recent study finds that employees who have green views outside their window and access to green spaces are more productive, have higher job satisfaction and experience fewer headaches and illnesses than employees without a green view.


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